Applications Received

fThe following chart is comprised of all eighty (80) application packages received by the ConnectMT Federal Allocation Program, First Allocation Offering Season (ConnectMT’22 Program). Each application package can be identified by a unique Application #, the Application Title (provided by Applicant), and the Applicant Organization. The ConnectMT’22 Program received allocation requests for $521,488,379.64, proposing to serve 158,019 locations throughout underserved, unserved, and frontier areas in Montana. The categories below reflect the priorities set forth in Montana’s 67th Legislature HB 632 and Montana’s 67th Legislature HB 297. 

Other categories include:

  • Technology Types Deployed: Fixed Wireless, Combination of Fixed Wireless and FTTH (Combination), and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)
  • Total Allocation Request
  • Total Project Budget
  • Project Location, by County
  • Serviceable Locations Connected, by Frontier (no/extremely limited terrestrial broadband), Unserved (under 25/3), Underserved (under 100/20), and Served locations
  • Deployment Timeline
  • Project Summary Narrative (short narrative provided by Applicant for public release)

Mapping data for all complete and submitted applications is available by following this link: [Summary of Applications].