ARPA broadband deployment is comprised of 602 State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and 604 Capital Projects Funds. During the 68th legislative session (i.e., LC 1234) a shift of $44,148,748 of 602 funds to this program was passed by an appropriation change. The State applied to Treasury and has received approval for the $119.9M of CPF 604 funds. Total funding for grant awards was increased from $266M to approximately $310M.

On December 14, 2022, the Governor approved 61 projects recommended for funding by DOA, covering 61,887 serviceable locations across Montana. Of these locations, 38,631 are unserved communities, 21,956 are underserved communities, and 1,300 are rural communities.

You can view the approved projects by clicking here.

 State of Montana ARPA Dashboard